Q: Am I able to stop by your bakery and buy a baked good?

A: Sadly, we're not a storefront bakery (yet). Just about everything we make is pre-ordered. However, you can purchase a diverse selection of McGreevey Cake Co. goods at Franco's Cafe and Courthouse Cafe by Lisa. If you are wanting to place an order with us but are unsure if it's too late, give us call or email, and we will be sure to let you know if we're all booked up or not!


Q: So, how far in advance do I need to place an order?

A: The earlier, the better! I try my best to avoid turning down orders, but I am only one person! Placing your order about two weeks in advance would be ideal. For weddings, try to start planning around the six-month mark or earlier!


Q: How much are your cakes?

A: We customize every cake and treat however much or little you would like it to be. The price starts out with either a cake size or how many servings you'll be needing. From there we discuss the overall complexity of your design, flowers, figures, other decoration. For basic cake and cupcake starting prices, check out our menu.


Q: Can I pay for my cake when I pick it up?

A: Every order requires at least a 20% down payment. We accept cash, debit or credit card, Venmo or money order checks. All checks have to be made out to McGreevey Cake Co!


Q: What about cookies?

A: If you're asking if we like cookies...no. We LOVE them! Do we make them, not really. Not because we don't really, really want to but because we want to focus on what we do best. That said, if you absolutely need cookies to make your event work, give us a call, and we can chat!


Q: I've never had fondant. Looks cool...but what does it taste like?

A: Fondant is a form of icing that is smooth and looks flawless on cakes. Many designs that go onto cakes are made from fondant. Basically, it tastes like a thick paste of sugar...because that's what it is. If you're concerned your friends or guests won't like the taste but you're digging the look, it's easy to remove from a slice and eat around it.


Q: Do you deliver?

A: Yes we do! You likely have your plate full (pun intended) when it comes to your event. So we'll make sure your cake gets to you in one piece (pun also intended.) To cover the cost and time involved, we do charge a fee of $2 per mile with a minimum fee of $15.


Q: Do you offer cake tastings? What's included in the free consultation?

A: Due to our bakery schedule, our free consultations are typically done over the phone or email. If we can make the time work with your schedule to chat face-to-face, we'd love to! The consultation is a time to briefly get to know you, learn about your event, and what you have in mind for your cake. Providing pictures, color swatches, and other ideas are helpful in gaining a solid understanding of how to create the perfect cake or dessert for you.

We offer complimentary tastings for weddings or events that will serve 100+ guests. Additional details about your tasting can be discussed during your consultation.


Q: Can each cake tier be a different flavor?

A: You tell us what you want...and you've got it.